Navigating High School College Podcast

There are many online videos and podcasts related to college life, academics, and much more. At Navigating High School, we aim to provide high school students and parents with the resources that help them with a smooth transition from high school to college. This is the most crucial period of a student’s life, which needs our support. We help high school students prepare for this transitory stage in life through our helpful resources.

Students often don’t have much time to examine these resources thoroughly. Therefore, we provide you with selected videos and podcasts relevant to your college admissions, academics, and other activities. With a focus on different categories, we have made your search easy and quick. This enables you to find the videos/podcasts you are looking for instantly. Through these podcasts/videos, you are able to better understand the college admission process, on-campus activities, academics, scholarships, and other aspects of college life.

Select the video/podcast you are interested in to get information about colleges, educators, academics, and students’ lifestyles at college.