Navigating High School Military Branches

Opting for a career in the Military is a life-changing decision that requires immense commitment and passion. Some students want to join the Military immediately after graduation. Others complete their four-year college graduation degree while taking part in various military activities, which are a part of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Unit or Service Academy.

Although most military positions do not require a college degree, some positions do, especially officer-level posts. For those college graduates who want to serve the U.S. Military, there are many career choices as enlisted and commissioned officers.

Enlisted Vs. Commissioned Officer

To enlist in the U.S. military, you do not require a college degree. However, the organization does consider the scores of your entrance exam, your high school records, and any other obtained college credits while determining your eligibility for the enlistment. The students who want to serve the Military as commissioned officers should have a bachelor’s degree.

A Career as a Line Officer

Military line officers captain ships and submarines in the U.S. Navy, lead Marine or Army Infantry Troops Corps, or fly aircrafts of the Air Force. Many military line officer careers do not involve direct involvement in war activities. This career requires candidates to pass the eligibility exam and have a college degree.

A Career as a Staff Officer

The staff officers in military work in particular fields like logistics and supply, nursing, healthcare administration, etc. Generally, to work as a staff officer in the military, your degree should be relevant to the field you seek to serve. For instance, if you want to serve as an army nurse, you should have a nursing degree.

Enlisted Careers in Military

If you have earned your college degree and you perform well at the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, you have hundreds of choices in enlisted careers. However, the availability of a particular military position depends on the availability of job openings in that specific enlisted field.