Navigating High School College Resources

Are you worried that your young adult is going to be all alone after starting college? Worry not because there are several on-campus resources to help and guide newcomers. These resources provide general guidance about a variety of things ranging from financial to academic assistance, course selection, academic advisory and much more. However, you must know that these resources differ greatly from college to college, so here is a general guide to the common resources, which nearly every college offers to the freshmen.

College Planning

A comprehensive website aimed at students, counselors, and parents that helps guide and support the college planning and preparation process. It allows users to explore accredited colleges and universities, determine which schools and majors best match a student’s career aspirations, develop personalized student plans of study, learn more about financial aid and how to pay for college, and access information about college admission requirements and apply online.

¡Gradúate! A Financial Aid Guide to Success

A comprehensive step-by-step guide on the financial aid and college enrollment process for Hispanic high school students and their families produced by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. In 2010, President Obama reestablished the Initiative to increase educational opportunities, improve educational outcomes, and deliver a complete and competitive education for all Hispanics.

This site matches students with a mentor that can help them with many issues including major/career advice, graduate school application process, financing their education, interview advice, time management skills, transferring to another school and many more. You and your mentor can set a schedule of when you meet and what advice that they can offer.

College Applications

Once you’ve decided where to apply, be sure to know how and when to submit the application.

University of California


  • Application opens in the Fall.
  • Application can be submitted from November 1 – November 30.
  • Access the University of California Application here
  • California State University


  • Application opens in the Fall.
  • Application can be submitted from October 1- November 30.
  • Access the California State University Application here.
  • California Community College

    Registration for Community College is done on a rolling basis through out the year. Find a college near you here to register. Remember, assessments and orientations are required prior to starting classes.

    Private and Out of State Colleges

    Each college system has their own timeline. Be sure you know what is expected at your college choice.

    Academic Advisory

    Academic advisory services are available in one form or another at almost all educational institutions. There are professional academic counselors or teachers who provide students with academic support to help them overcome their academic difficulties. You can ask for their help whenever you need it.

    Career Counseling Center

    The aim of a career counseling center is to assist new students in the exploration of career options. It also provides you with internship opportunities while you are studying and helps you in job search after completing studies. The professionals at the career counseling center help you in the identification and development of resources and skills necessary for your success. These services are likely to include resume writing, career advisory and development, cover letter writing, career fairs information and arrangements, connection with local, national, and international companies.

    Financial Assistance and Scholarships Support

    Financial assistance and scholarship support are available for deserving students who join college after high school. The office provides support in the application and processing of financial assistance and scholarships.

    Healthcare Center

    In most colleges, you can find a healthcare center that is exclusively for their students free of cost. The center provides general healthcare advice, first-aid, flu shots, stress management services, nutritional guidance and many other services depending on the college.

    Student Unions

    Student unions are basically a representative of students and elect the members from various students’ bodies. The aim of these unions is to represent the concerns of the students. A student union provides support to the new as well as old students and if you need any help after joining your college, you can contact it.

    Tutoring Services

    Some colleges provide after-hour tutoring services to help students overcome the difficulties in their studies. So if you encounter difficulty in any subject after starting your studies at college, you have to ask your teacher or administrative office if tutoring service is available or not. There may be a fee for the service or it can be free of cost depending on the college rules. With tutoring services, students can cover their weak areas to perform well in the respective subject.


    A library, in modern colleges, is no longer a traditional library that used to provide books for reading on-premises. There are now online college libraries that provide students with individual IDs to have access to the library database for reading and research. You can do individual or group study at the on-campus libraries.

    Dining Areas and Recreational Facilities

    Nearly all colleges and universities have dining areas that provide daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly meal plans—students, who live on campus and off-campus, can benefit from this facility. Moreover, there are recreational facilities like gym, swimming pools, etc. that help students stay active and relieve stress. So you should take advantage of these resources to have some enjoyable time.
    These are only a few of the common resources that make college life easier but only if the student is willing to benefit from them. Remember that your child is not the only student who needs help at some point in college life. These resources are designed to make college life much easier and more fun.